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    Most People Have Watched At Least One Of These Popular TV Shows — Have You?

    Everyone has seen either Game of Thrones, Star Trek, or The Wire, right?

    So, this is super simple – answer honestly whether you've seen any of these iconic TV shows,* and we'll tell you how truly obsessed with TV you are! Ready?

    Universal Pictures

    *Any iteration of these shows counts, and you should include any series if you've watched at least one episode!

    1. Have you seen any of these top TV shows?

      HBO / NBC
    2. What about these much discussed series?

      HBO/Netflix / BBC One
    3. Seen any of these comedy classics?

      ABC / NBC
    4. How about these period dramas?

      AMC / ITV / HBO
    5. And these British imports?

      BBC One / BBC Three / Channel 4
    6. Have you watched any of these high school dramas?

      The WB / Fox / The CW
    7. What about these quirky comedies?

    8. Or these iconic animations?

      Fox / Nickelodeon
    9. Have you seen any of this reality TV gold?

      Bravo / Channel 4 / VH1
    10. Or these gritty crime dramas?

      BBC One / AMC / HBO
    11. What about these supernatural hits?

      Netflix / The WB / ABC
    12. Or these procedurals?

      CBS / NBC
    13. Seen any of these family favourites?

      CBC / NBC / ABC
    14. What about these sci-fi fan favourites?

      Netflix / BBC / CBS
    15. Have you seen any of these kids TV hits?

      Nickelodeon / PBS
    16. And lastly, what about these live-TV big hitters?

      Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Fox / NBC

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