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    Kylie Jenner Clapped Back At Someone Who Called Her A "Plastic Ranger" On Halloween

    Perhaps I'm stanning Kylie now...

    Every Halloween, Kylie Jenner always has pretty amazing costumes.

    Like when she went as Christina Aguilera in the "Dirrty" video. A serve. And you know it was.

    This year, Kylie and her friends dressed up as Power Rangers.

    Is it the most creative? No, but they all still slayed the look.

    Aside from Instagram, they also posted a TikTok, where they each stepped in front of the camera and showed their costume and a Power Coin?— all while a dubstep remix of the show's theme song played.


    go go power rangers

    ? Power Rangers Dubstep Remix - Power Rangers Dubstep Remix - Power Rangers

    We love a commitment to theme.


    Of course, people in the comments were pretty ruthless and called Kylie and her friends "Plastic Rangers."

    &quot;Someone said Plastic Rangers&quot;

    One person's comment referencing it had over 200,000 likes.

    WELL...Kylie must've seen it because she replied with the perfect response: "And we love recycling."



    We do love recycling, yes.


    We also love a celebrity who self-drags and doesn't take herself too seriously. Thank you, Kylie. <3


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