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      44 Extremely Specific Things That Scream "I Was The Rich Friend"

      The American dream is owning a "garage fridge" and filling it with Snapples in glass bottles.

      by ,

      1. A refrigerator that looked like a cabinet:

      A dark cherry wood paneled fridge

      The glorious camouflaged fridge.

      2. A trash drawer that was also a cabinet:

      Wood paneled trash drawer

      Everything's a cabinet to rich people.

      3. A bed that looked like a car:

      A red car bed frame

      And it wasn't even comfortable.

      4. Beverages in glass bottles:

      A bottle of apple flavored Snapple

      Individual glass bottles of Snapple is a level of rich I aspire to be.

      5. A *WORKING* air hockey table:

      A air hockey table with a black background

      Anyone could own an air hockey table but only the 1% had an actual working one.

      6. A very large SUV

      A white SUV parked on the street

      Comically big.

      7. Any sort of surround sound system, something that usually looked like this:

      A 5-speaker surround sound system

      This also came with like three remotes. The more remotes = the more rich.

      8. A Tivo (before you even heard of DVRs):

      A TIVO

      9. A purse that had your first initial on it:


      Screams Mean Girls.

      10. A "mudroom" with some sort of cabinet or built-in that looked like this:

      A white wood cabinet with a bench in the middle of it

      The bench is luxury.

      11. A zip line:

      Little girl on a zip line

      Extremely dangerous and a huge liability but if you had a zipline you could definitely afford the legal fees.

      12. A large wooden playhouse:

      A pinewood playhouse in front of a lot of flowers

      I still want one of these and I'm in my thirties.

      13. A tub like this in the parent's en suite:

      A large bath tub in the corner covered with white tile
      Plasticsteak1 / Getty Images

      A very large bathtub surrounded by tiling.

      14. A trampoline:

      A kid jumping on a trampoline in the backyard

      Everyone from the neighborhood wanted to jump on it. Everyone from the neighbor got injured falling off it.

      15. A subscription to any magazine, but especially Nickelodeon magazine:

      A collection Nick magazines

      I still dream about "Nickelodeon Magazine, PLEASE."

      16. A large collection of chunky VHS tapes:

      A stack of VHS clam shell movies

      What a beautiful, gorgeous stack of plastic.

      17. A model-train room:

      model trains on the floor

      A room for a toy train.

      18. A Princess Diana Beanie Baby:

      A Princess Diana purple Beanie Baby toy

      The epitome of wealth.

      19. A pile of Uggs at the door:


      Nothing says "rich friend group" like a pile of Uggs at the door.

      20. A pinball machine:

      A Pirates of the Caribbean-themed pinball machine

      21. A car with a TV on the back of the seat:

      A portable DVD player attached to the back of a car seat playing a movie

      Before phones, there were car TVs.

      22. A giant teddy bear:

      A kid hugging a giant teddy bear

      Tacky... but definitely a symbol of wealth.

      23. A fountain:


      Rich people had fountains.

      24. A framed portrait of their dog that they clearly had a photo shoot for:

      A Dalmatian on a red chair in a photo
      Cr8tivguy / Getty Images

      25. A painting of their dog:

      Water color painting of a Schnauzer
      Viktor Kashin / Getty Images

      Bonus points if the dog looked like an old British man.

      26. Fancy ice cream loaves:

      Screen shot of a Viennetta ice cream cake

      Ooh la la.

      27. An assortment of food you would only find at a baseball concession stand:


      Choco Tacos, Chipwitches, and Big League Chew.

      28. Individually wrapped assortment of chips:


      Basically a in-real-life vending machine.

      29. Fancy sodas you've never even heard of before:

      Jones sodas

      Blue, green, and orange colors with very American sounding names like "Jones" and "Smith."

      30. Multiple American Girl dolls:

      A collection of 10 American Girl dolls

      The Rolls-Royce of dolls.

      31. A DDR set:

      The pad for Dance Dance Revolution

      Your rich friend basically had a mall inside their house.

      32. Yogurt you put candy in:

      Instagram: @retrostorage

      Because I'm pretty sure only your rich friend bought this stuff.

      33. Kudos:


      The "healthy" candy bar.

      34. A computer that looked like this:

      A 2003 iMac
      Tim Boyle / Getty Images

      Some space-age looking iMac.

      35. A piano room:

      A baby grand piano in a room

      No one ever actually went in the piano room because no one actually played the piano.

      36. A bottle of J.Lo's Glow perfume:


      That bottle belongs in a Lourve.

      37. A bowl of Andes mints:

      38. A second refrigerator in the garage or basement just for beverages:

      A white fridge in a garage

      Filled with glass Snapples and diet Pepsi probably.

      39. A very thick TV:

      A giant &#x27;90s TV

      Probably the most "rich friend" thing on this list.

      40. Sharper Image air purifiers in every bedroom:


      Sharper Image anything could be on this list.

      41. A series of professionally taken photos of the entire family (all wearing the matching outfits) that lined the hallway:

      A photo of a family mom, dad, and two sons all wearing blue jeans and white shirts
      Aldomurillo / Getty Images

      Also, they were always outside!

      42. Any kind of ice cream with bubblegum eyes:

      Two hands holding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ice cream pops

      A combination that never even made sense.

      43. A Coach wristlet:

      A monogrammed Coach bag from the 2000s

      Screams "dad bought me a Jetta for my 16th birthday."

      44. And lastly, a robotic animal:

      A robot dog
      Twitter: @The90sLife

      No one actually owned one of these even though we include it in every BuzzFeed list.

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