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    Costco Japan Exists And It Looks Like A Damn Paradise

    Excuse me while I pack my bags.

    There's no grocery store* I love more in the world than Costco. So, imagine my utter delight when, on a recent Instagram search, I discovered that Costco has locations in Japan. ??

    @osakaemo_in_jp / Via instagram.com

    *Okay, so it's more warehouse than grocery store — but in my life, Costco is more of an endearing neighborhood grocery stop than a faceless cavern of foodstuffs.

    From the busy check-out counters to the food court, the Costco there looks pretty similar to what we have in the States.

    @asamisugiuchi / Via instagram.com, dannychoo.com

    1. Except that Costco Japan's selection offers a few ~exclusive~ industrial-sized picks. Giant boxes of spicy Nongshim ramen, for example:

    2. And premade pancakes:

    @panda_mocchi6 / Via instagram.com

    Where was this last Saturday?!

    3. Costco Japan also carries large bottles of Kewpie mayonnaise, which most of us can only purchase online:

    @badboy88000 / Via instagram.com

    4. And, of course, enough Pocky to feed a classroom:


    Or me after a beer.

    5. You've tried combination pizza, but have you tried THIS combination pizza?!

    @empireo25 / Via instagram.com

    6. And who doesn't need a bag of bulgogi snacks?

    @sunao1998 / Via instagram.com

    7. They also offer this strawberry shortcake that shoppers seem to be huge fans of:

    @yyy2017yyy / Via instagram.com

    Seriously, they're really into the dessert:

    @ted_3i4 / Via instagram.com

    It's the stuff of every proper Costco Instagram post.

    8. The food court perplexingly sells slices of Hawaiian pizza, which IMO is the most American thing ever:

    @balio_second / Via instagram.com

    9. Along with this droolworthy peaches-topped soft-serve:

    @mugendai0808 / Via instagram.com

    Because sometimes you're feeling a little more adventurous than chocolate- or vanilla-flavored nonfat yogurt:

    @littlelily_m / Via instagram.com

    10. If your shopping trip was especially grueling, you can also treat yourself to an extra-decadent pecans and caramel soft-serve:

    @choco_rie / Via instagram.com

    11. But TBH the most envy-inducing things that Japanese Costcos offer are these huge trays of sushi:


    Each of these boxes costs 2,480 yen, or around $23 USD — a goddamn steal, considering I'd pay the same amount for just two of those sushi rows.

    Look at how tender and buttery the fish looks:

    Can you believe this decadence?!

    @ambermoon82 / Via instagram.com

    12. And if super-fresh sushi doesn't cut it for you, check out this chirashi:

    @gysmh / Via instagram.com

    Like, I have never seen this much roe and tuna in one plate in my life:


    All for 1,490 yen, or around $13 USD.

    13. Okay, but actually I lied: The MOST extra Costco food is frozen packs of ESCARGOT. ????

    @y.k_and_moca / Via instagram.com, @ck_m13art / Via instagram.com

    14. And unlike the leftover boxes in which we US Costco members have to dump our purchases into, Japan customers can purchase vinyl bags for a mere 100 yen (90 cents) each. Because how else would you transport your raw cut fish, escargot, and other delicacies?