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      15 Very Specific Things From '90s Kids Shows I Haven't Thought Of In 20 Years

      Do you instantly sing "0-2-1-3-4," or are you normal?

      1. Loonette doing the clock stretch in The Big Comfy Couch:

      Loonette doing the clock streth in The Big Comfy Couch

      This hero taught us how to stretch and tell time at the same time!

      2. And also when Loonette does the 10-second tidy because she's a mess like me:

      Loonette saying&quot; Who made this big mess?&quot; with a caption: Evergreen question about my life in 2020.

      Asking, "Who made this big mess?" and the answer being "Oh, me" every damn time is still extremely relatable to my life as a thirtysomething. Not relatable: Cleaning ANYTHING up in 10 seconds.

      3. Arthur's "Aardvark" song when he's studying spelling in Arthur:

      Arthur singing &quot;A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K&quot;

      I will never forget how to spell aardvark for as long as I live.

      4. Knowing full well that I would never send an email or Z-mail to Zoom, but knowing the mailing address by heart just in case:

      The Zoom cast holding up 02134 signs

      "Z DOUBLE-O M, BOX 350, BOSTON, MASS, 0-2-1-3-4! Send it to ZOOM!"

      5. This delightful fellah, Binyah Binyah Polliwog from Gullah Gullah Island:


      "Come and let's play together in the bright sunny weather!"

      6. Allegra's window on Allegra's Window:

      Allegra in her window with the caption &quot;It&#x27;s the titular role&quot;

      Also, this was probably my first experience with hair goals.

      7. Pappy's drawing tutorials on Pappyland:

      Pappy teaching us how to draw a horse

      Did you send in multiple drawings to be included on the show or are you normal?

      8. The goodbye song on Out of the Box, specifically the part where Vivian and Tony rub their hands, snap, and clap (IYKYK)!

      Vivian and Tony from Out of the Box on Disney

      "So long, farewell, to youuu my friends. Goodbye for now until we meet again."

      9. The episode of Magic School Bus where they go inside Ralphie's body:

      Ralphie swallowing the bus on The Magic School Bus

      This messed me up for several years.

      10. The Noodle Dance from PB&J Otter:

      P B &amp;amp; J otter doing the noodle dance

      I should probably start using the Noodle Dance whenever I need ideas as a grownup.

      11. The Reading Rainbow theme song, which still holds up.

      View this video on YouTube

      PBS / youtube.com


      12. "I wish, I wish with all my heart to fly with dragons in a land apart" from Dragon Tales:

      Max and Emmy

      Was anyone else jealous of Max and Emmy?

      13. The Chief from Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?:

      The Chief from Carmen Sandiego

      I trusted this woman more than I trusted my own parents.

      14. Little Bear and Franklin, two iconic cartoon shows starring talking animals:

      Nick Jr.

      Fun fact that Franklin was played by Noah Reid, aka Patrick from Schitt's Creek.

      15. And, finally, the Bananas in Pajamas:

      The Bananas in Pajamas

      I lied, though, I regularly think of these pajama-clad bananas and wonder what they're up to these days. Are they still wearing their pajamas? Hope they're doing okay.

      What are some extremely specific things from '90s kids shows that you haven't thought about in decades? Let me know in the comments!

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