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      15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

      "The most human contact I get these days."

      1. Cardi B was amazed by the dictionary "definition" of WAP:

      Wow ....Wap means watermelon,apples and pineapples https://t.co/FmfypCWDnT

      2. Kumail Nanjiani reminded us all of the "Stanley Tucci making Negronis" era of quarantine:

      Remember when Stanley Tucci showed us how to make a Negroni and we were like “Ok maybe we’ll get through this quarantine thing” LOL

      3. Nick Jonas reported back from the year 3000:

      I’ve been to the year 3000 not much has changed, except everyone was wearing a mask.

      4. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra shared a picture of her "exercising" with Nick Jonas:

      Push ups are my favourite exercise?? @nickjonas

      5. Chrissy Teigen revealed that she and John Legend are expecting their third child:

      6. Kyle Massey, Christy Carlson Romano, and Anneliese van der Pol threw it back to their Disney Channel days...

      And your watching Disney channel @ChristyRomano @anneliesevdp #DISNEY

      7. ...and so did David Henrie and Selena Gomez:

      8. Halle Berry shared a beach pic:

      9. To All The Boys I've Loved Before author Jenny Han revealed the impact the Postal Service had on Lara Jean and Peter K.:

      His name is Peter and he wouldn't even be dating Lara Jean if it wasn't for the Postal Service bc he didn't even know she existed. https://t.co/bL5dKmLpSC

      10. Ian Somerhalder reacted to a teen who cried over Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries...

      I felt the same way kiddo! But then I realized oh wait, I just saw him yesterday... He’s still alive;) XO Damon https://t.co/MH3YGIVLu2

      11. ...and Paul Wesley hilariously replied to his onscreen brother:

      @iansomerhalder You cried then as well but for the opposite reason.

      12. Kim Kardashian West shared a picture of herself with Chicago dressed up as a princess, aka her daily attire:

      My baby Chi Chi likes to dress up like A princess every day ?????

      13. Miley Cyrus prepared to hop into fans' Zooms:

      I want to hop into some zooms and celebrate #MidnightSky ! send me links

      14. Brie Larson commemorated 10 years of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

      Happy 10 years, Scott Pilgrim vs The World! I promise you a “Black Sheep” cover is coming soon?? #ScottPilgrimIs10

      15. And Mindy Kaling got nostalgic about ~human contact~:

      The most human contact I get these days

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