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    What Music Video Made You Realize How Dark A Song Was?

    It's time to talk about the "Savin' Me" music video.

    We all love singing along to fun pop songs on the radio. Honestly, I don't always pay much attention to what the song is about.


    But sometimes when I see the music video, I realize the song is...actually SUPER dark.


    For example, I didn't even realize how dark "Habits (Stay High)" was until I saw the super depressing music video.

    a girl in a club looking high as someone kisses her neck
    UMG (on behalf of Universal Music AB) / Via youtube.com

    It's all about a girl who — you guessed it — needs to stay high because she can't handle being sober.

    I don't think I quite got how political and dark "This is America" was until I saw the music video.

    SME, [Merlin] Liberation Music (on behalf of Wolf+Rothstein / Liberator Music)

    It's all about race and gun violence in America, which is not something I realized the first time I listened to the song!

    And the music video for "Savin' Me," which is basically about counting down to people's deaths...man. Heavy stuff.

    An old women being put on an ambulance with a counter of 6 seconds above her head
    WMG / Via youtube.com

    This is actually one of my favorite music videos.

    I knew "Love the Way You Lie" was dark, but then I saw the music video and was like...holy shit.

    Aftermath Records

    Some messed-up stuff.

    What music video made YOU realize how dark a song was? Or is there a music video that you found to be especially disturbing? Let us know what the song/music video is and what about it is so dark in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!