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      24 Brand New Trader Joe's Foods To Stock Up On In November

      Casseroles, cold brew, and a whole lot of truffles.

      Is it just me, or does it feel like every time you walk into Trader Joe's there are dozens of new products you can't wait to try?? Here are some of the best recently-added finds at your local TJ's.

      1. Italian Mushroom and Black Truffle Sauce

      2. Fried Olive Bites

      3. Cauliflower Tot Casserole

      4. The Power of Seven Green Juice

      5. Cauliflower Crisps Snack

      6. Creamed Greens

      7. Tomato Spread

      8. Nuts About Rosemary Mix

      9. Everything But The Leftovers Seasoning Blend

      10. Cocoa Peppermint Almond Creamer

      11. Mini Mushroom En Croute Duo

      12. Tostones Fried Plantain Slices

      13. Truffle Dip

      14. Instant Cold Brew

      15. Nog Protein Smoothie

      16. White Truffle Popcorn

      17. Advent Of The Cocktail Hour Chocolate Truffles

      18. Better Than Leftovers Assorted Flavor Dog Treats

      19. Chicken Ginger Miso Soup

      20. Caprese Ravioli

      21. Butter Toffee Pretzels

      22. Organic Raw Raspberry Vinegar

      23. Trail Mix Crackers

      24. Truffle Seasoning Powder