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      16 People Who Dressed Up As Bad Bunny For Halloween And Absolutely Nailed It

      “No, no, no. Baby, it’s me, Bad Bunny.”

      by ,

      Bad Bunny is obviously known for his amazing music, but he might be just as well-known for his iconic style.

      Bad Bunny performing onstage with a mask pulled down on his face
      Taylor Hill / Getty Images

      So, it should come as no surprise that his looks inspired quite a few Halloween costumes this year. Here are some of the best ones.

      Bad Bunny / Via giphy.com

      1. Some folks re-created Benito's look from his Corona commercial:

      The sexiest costume I could come up with ?? @sanbenito #badbunny #halloween


      “No, no, no. Baby, it’s me, Bad Bunny.” @sanbenito ????


      It’s not playuhhh it’s playa?? @sanbenito


      5. Others chose to wear outfits inspired by his music video looks, such as the ones from "Yo Perreo Sola."


      Yeah, we love Bad Bunny. Happy Halloween! @sanbenito





      11. One person honored Benito's recent collaboration with Crocs.

      #Halloween2020 #HappyHalloween #halloweencostume #badbunnypr #badbunnyxcrocs @sanbenito @Crocs couldn’t get the bad bunny crocs so had to make them myself.. please retweet so bad bunny sees!!!! ???????

      Still salty about not getting our hands on these. ??

      But by and large, the most popular outfit choice was the all-black ensemble Bad Bunny wore during his recent socially distant concert in New York.


      “i thought we were coming as bad bunnies????”


      Baby Hazel First Halloween ?? @sanbenito Little Bad Bunny ??



      Bad Bunny when he smacked the tree branch during his concert ??

      16. One TikTok user not only dressed up as Benito, but also as the bus that he rode during the concert.


      Yo Perreo Sola - Bad Bunny Halloween costume #badbunnypr #badbunny #fyp #parati #benito #yhlqmdlg #reggaeton #yoperreosola #latino #latina #halloween

      ? original sound - Danika Bustillos

      Extra points for imitating the way Benito dodged branches and stoplights.

      The man himself was impressed and declared that costume the winner, and who are we to argue with him?

      JAJAJAJAJA Mejor disfraz del 2020 https://t.co/hOhDGbHNzs

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