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      Tommy Hilfiger Is A Real Person, And Apparently A Lot Of People Didn't Know That

      Yes, Tommy Hilfiger is an actual person that is very much alive.

      Alright, so if you grew up in the mid-to-late '90s, then you probably wore and coveted Tommy Hilfiger clothing. (And also the scents, 'cause they smelled amazing!)

      Destiny&#x27;s Child promoting Tommy Hilfiger Jeans at Macy&#x27;s
      Marion Curtis / The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

      It was one of the biggest brands around!

      And Tommy himself was as well-known as his brand. A celeb designer who hung out with actors, models, and musicians.

      Tommy with Britney Spears on a red carpet
      Steve Azzara / Getty Images

      Of course, he would go onto be known as Ally's dad on MTV's early-'00s reality TV show, Rich Girls.

      Well, last night, Pop Crave tweeted out this TikTok video of Law Roach doing the "I'm Busy" FaceTime prank to his celeb friends: Tom Holland, Tiffany Haddish, Kerry Washington...and Tommy Hilfiger.

      Law Roach pranks Tom Holland, Tiffany Haddish, Tommy Hilfiger and Kerry Washington for TikTok's 'I'm Busy' challenge.

      Twitter: @PopCrave

      While it was funny to see Law prank his famous friends, there was only one main takeaway from the video...

      Tommy Hilfiger on Law&#x27;s phone screen
      @luxurylaw/ Twitter: @PopCrave

      ...That many people didn't realize that Tommy Hilfiger was actually a person and that he is still alive today:

      @PopCrave Tommy Hilfiger is a person???

      Twitter: @sgoutrared

      i was today years old when i found out that tommy hilfiger is an actual living person

      Twitter: @adamoonavenue

      @amandaoee_ omg i didn’t know tommy hilfiger was an actual irl person-

      Twitter: @ctrlchr7s

      @sgoutrared @PopCrave I literally thought Tommy Hilfiger was from the 1800s. Didn't think he was still alive

      Twitter: @Totallysane2

      hold on... Tommy Hilfiger is an actual person ?? this is a joke right??

      Twitter: @ellevivica


      Twitter: @Lex_toolit


      Twitter: @fa1rycat

      Just found out that Tommy Hilfiger is a real breathing person

      Twitter: @shaqsbestie

      Why did I think Tommy Hilfiger died centuries ago? https://t.co/UAxZehbEOj

      Twitter: @Ms_luyanda

      Then, an equal number of people reacted to the tweet, confused that others didn’t know this information to begin with:

      Tommy Hilfiger is trending because people are just now finding out he's a real person and is still alive?

      Twitter: @merry_shai

      @PopCrave i don’t understand. if y’all dk Tommy Hilfiger or that he’s still living, i mean i guess that’s understandable. but a couple of things: the 90s weren’t that super long ago. what like 30yrs ago? he was popular then. 2nd ik y’all know Zendaya she did a collab with him...

      Twitter: @InfiniteILLest

      how are ppl JUST FINDING OUT that tommy hilfiger is an actual person??GET O U T

      Twitter: @thiccybarnes

      How... do people not know that Tommy Hilfiger is a real person? Lemme shock you: Ralph Lauren is too. ??????????

      Twitter: @Luvvie

      People are finding out Tommy Hilfiger is a real person. I feel so old because this was my source in 2003 @MTV

      Twitter: @wisdom_in_chins

      So, yes, Tommy is not some made-up person (and I get the confusion, 'cause he does have the name of an old-timey haberdashery). But now I want to know: Did YOU know that Tommy Hilfiger is a real person, or did you think it was just a brand name? Share in the comments below!

      Designer Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya pose on the runway during the Tommy Hilfiger TOMMYNOW Spring 2019
      Tim P. Whitby / WireImage / Getty Images

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