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    Millennials Are Clapping Back At Gen Z'ers For Telling Them That They're Doing Uncool Things

    Honestly, just let us keep our skinny jeans — we've been through the whole baggy thing before.

    So, in case you didn’t know, recently Gen Z’ers have been telling millennials the things that aren't cool anymore.


    ???????? #laughemoji #millennial #comedy #lgbt #okboomer

    ? brandy running and crying - brandy running and crying

    According to them, wearing skinny jeans, having side parts, and using this ?? emoji are out. What's in? Baggy jeans and middle parts — so basically, looking like JTT circa 1994.

    Photo of Jonathan Taylor Thomas in baggy clothes
    Time & Life Pictures / The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

    And, well, millennials have had enough of Gen Z'ers basically just saying, "You're OLD and everything that you do SUCKS."


    Below are some pretty good tweets of millennials clapping back at Gen Z's BS:


    Gen Z just doesn't realize yet that what start out as regular jeans in your 20s often become skinny jeans in your 30s entirely on their own

    Twitter: @jilltwiss


    Gen Z will be like “something so traumatic happened to me yesterday” and it’s like they were in traffic

    Twitter: @mfbenji


    I have zero recollection of millennials ever telling gen X what to wear. Like, I don’t know the first thing about gen x. Why is gen z so obsessed with millennials

    Twitter: @jackiemhampton


    millennials finding out gen z thinks the ?? emoji is cringe

    Twitter: @jbillinson


    Today, I learned that parting my hair to the side bugs my GenZ students... so, naturally, I'm switching to a DEEP side part starting next week.

    Twitter: @_condesita


    Gen Z out here acting like they invented the middle part ?? please

    Twitter: @marsbar________


    Gen Z will say skinny jeans are out and then wear this. Wtf ??

    Twitter: @h_marie09


    Gen Z wants to be famous, but not good at anything. That's appropriating celebrity millennial culture. Baby WE BEEN DOING THAT.

    Twitter: @JayJurden


    This message is for the Gen Zers: Listen ya little so and sos, you aren’t so cool. You are repeating the absolute worst trends of the 90s. We’ve already been there. We’ve seen some things. And we aren’t giving up our side parts or our skinny jeans. WE ARE FIGHTING BACK.

    Twitter: @callie_mt


    gen z think they’re so much smarter than their parents for not falling for facebook conspiracy theories only to end up falling for tik tok conspiracy theories instead.

    Twitter: @writtenbyahmad


    gen z I tried your jeans and someone said I look like a lesbian carpenter so yes I will keep wearing them but also you’re missing out on how amazing a butt can look

    Twitter: @bellykachman


    Gen Z’ers parting their hair in the middle is a cry for help. We absolutely must repair the world for them

    Twitter: @markedly


    gen z is days away from discovering zig zag middle parts

    Twitter: @allypishock


    Can someone explain to me what we #millennials did to earn the ire of #GenZ? Here I thought we were all cool and making fun of the Boomers, next thing I know, there’s a war on the side part, my go-to emoji, and skinny jeans...

    Twitter: @EAmerine93


    Y'all. Gen Z is pathological because they were thrown into attention capitalist games at a young age they shouldn't have been. Boomers had easiest lives ever and are so soft they just punt on all problems. Millennials are absolute units nothing can break them - best generation.

    Twitter: @AdamSinger


    If a Gen Z Tiktok kid wants to be mean about how you part your hair and wear your jeans, just ask them how their prom / high school graduation was.

    Twitter: @PinkieToons


    oh dear god please don’t let low rise jeans come back! PLEASE GEN Z DONT DO IT! they looked bad when we wore them in the early 2000s and they look bad now. I’ll give you my side part and my skinny jeans. JUST DONT TAKE MY HIGH WAISTED JEANS PLEEEEASE!

    Twitter: @ColleenB123


    This is an appropriate moment to launch war against Gen Z. The ?? emoji is a perfect emoji for laughter and just because they say it’s uncool doesn’t mean we should accept. Wtf is ?? anyway. I will die on this hill.

    Twitter: @Kantrowitz


    the "millennials vs gen z" shit is so weird and desperate. you are 35 years old. it doesn't matter if 17 year olds think your jeans are cool.

    Twitter: @calebsaysthings

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